Multi-Account Manager (MAM) Solution

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What is a MAM account?

MAM stands for Multi-Account Manager. Vantage MAM account allows a fund manager to trade Forex, Indices, Shares, Commodities and more using CFD on behalf of their clients. Multi-Account Managers are rewarded from the commissions on their clients' trades, performance fees, and management fees.

With this arrangement, clients may profit from having their accounts managed by Vantage-authorised traders.

How does a MAM account work?

Unlike the PAMM account, MAM account allows for prorated profit-sharing and MAM accounts tend to be sophisticated in fund allocation for various trading strategies. MAM account is ideal for seasoned traders who prefer to be actively involved in every investment decision and fund allocation for various trading strategies.

Vantage offers the best infrastructure for money managers who understand the significance of a partnership with an established award-winning broker.

The popularity of the Vantage MAM platform is a testament to its stellar reputation among money managers globally.


8Reasons to Start
Using MAM Account

  • The minimum trade volume is used to ensure optimal trade allocation

  • Equity is allocated via a standardised allocation method

  • Master accounts have access to STP and instant allocation

  • Master accounts have partial order close, pending order functionality, full SL and TP

  • Every trading style is allowed, including scalping and hedging

  • Customisable rewards, fees and commissions

  • EA trading is allowed for MAM Masters

  • Real-time order management, including instant addition and removal of funds

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